Fully configurable pre-awards solution

A pre-awards solution integrated to your ERP with self service configuration to define your costing models, processes, and terminology.

how it works

An intuitive cloud-based solution

GrantsNow simplifies your entire pre-award management needs from creating and costing a proposal, to ethics and compliance, to submission, award and maintenance on a single platform.


An effective, transparent, and collaborative
pre-awards solution

Get Organised

  • Self-service configuration through Admin console
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Adaptable ethics module
  • Costing capability for Full Economic Costing (FEC)

Karen Gregory, Higher Education Research Administration Specialist, speaks on the challenges a pre-awards product must address

GrantsNow Advantage

The GrantsNow Advantage

GrantsNow is designed to meet these challenges. The product development team engaged with different institutions to understand other important areas. GrantsNow’s expanded scope includes dashboards that can be built by the users, ethics questions, increased configuration, and encompassed other new methods for how universities can raise money.

Institution Relevant Customisation

  • Configure your organisation’s terminology
  • Dedicated ethics module that can be adapted to your needs

Intelligent Workflow Management

  • Configuration of your institution’s workflow needs
  • Ability to insert extra steps per proposal (peer review etc.)
  • Full visibility of the approval process including configurable alerts for outstanding items

Flexible Costing Engine

  • Capable of incorporating future TRAC changes with ease
  • Cost-to-funding comparisons
  • Multiple costing versions to explore different options
  • Funding rules that can be configured for your needs
  • Configurable costing to incorporate your institution-relevant rates

Intuitive Integrations

  • Fully integrated with Oracle ERP—Oracle HR and Finance modules
  • Integration into Oracle Grants Management Cloud to post awards process
  • Can also be implemented as a standalone, if your systems are not Oracle or we can fully integrate on your behalf

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